Now Offering Weatherstripping Made in the USA From Corvette Rubber Co.

Now Offering Weatherstripping Made in the USA From Corvette Rubber Co.

by Ryan Westdorp on January 23, 2023 Categories: News

HighFlo Performance in McBain, Michigan is excited to announce a new addition to our online store for 2023: high-quality, made in Michigan Corvette weatherstrip products from Corvette Rubber Co.

For our customers looking to replace their worn out Corvette weatherstripping, this is the best reproduction product available on the market. HighFlo Performance owner Ryan Westdorp has a special connection to Corvette Rubber Co. as he previously worked at Missaukee Molded Rubber, a subsidiary of Corvette Rubber Co., for more than 10 years, "It was a great place to work at, I learned a lot as a young man growing up and I'm happy to work with them again."

The #1 Choice For Corvette Weatherstripping

Classic car owners and Corvette enthusiasts both know Corvette Rubber Co. is the best choice for C1-C5 weatherstripping for many reasons. In business since 1975, Corvette Rubber Co. has a reputation as the number one source for USA made weatherstrip kits, hard top and soft top kits, and door and body kits for Corvettes. With a significant number of positive reviews online, customers can trust the quality of the products the receive. The quality products offered by Corvette Rubber Co. cannot be found anywhere else online, with other replacement weatherstripping parts being shipped from overseas, making them the only choice for Corvette owners restoring classic cars.

Top-Quality Corvette Weatherstripping From A Trusted Supplier

Highflo and Corvette Rubber Co at Corvettes at Carlisle

HighFlo Performance has worked with Corvette Rubber Co. for a number of years now, even appearing side by side at Corvette shows like Corvettes at Carlisle in Pennsylvania. Whether you're looking to restore your old and damaged weatherstripping on your classic car or simply want to upgrade to the best quality weatherstrip on the market, we're happy to give our customers the chance to do so with what's available from Corvette Rubber Co.