All about HighFlo

Who we are

We are the muscle car sound. We are what the old was and what the new want to be. Highflo is bringing back the ground shaking rumble that every muscle car fan loves.

   Manufactured in Michigan
Built by guys who love good sounding cars.
   Hand Welded & Jig Fitted
Every piece is custom crafted. We hold our products to the highest of standards.
   Pursuing Perfection
We offer proven designs paired with a passion for what we do, and we stand by our products 100%.
Word on the Street


  • Jim Sibert

    2016 C7 Corvette Convertible - Westerville, Ohio

    HighFlo Performance has the best after market exhaust for the C7 Corvette. If you want that deep rumble of the past and not the European high pitched sound you get with other after market systems you need to get in touch with Ryan at HighFlo Performance. It is an outstanding sound!

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