C5 Weatherstripping

Update Your C5 Corvette With Our High-Quality Weatherstripping

Keep Your C5 Corvette Protected

One essential aspect of maintenance for your C5 Corvette is weatherstripping. Over time, weatherstripping can deteriorate and become less effective, even if the car has been stored properly. To keep your C5 protected from the elements, it's crucial to replace worn-out weatherstripping, preventing unwanted water and moisture from entering through doors, windows, or the windshield.

We offer 100% Made in the USA weatherstripping that's easy to install, durable, and designed specifically for your C5 Corvette, ensuring a great fit. Our weatherstripping keeps your windows, doors, and windshield sealed, so you can enjoy your ride without any leaks.

Newly Available C5 Weatherstripping

We currently offer Soft Top, Hard Top, and Coupe weatherstripping parts for C5 Corvettes. It's strongly recommend to check for matching GM Part numbers when ordering a replacement part for your Corvette. Scroll down to view our most popular products, or click the button below to view all C5 weatherstripping products.

98-04 C5 Convertible Weatherstripping:

97-04 C5 Coupe Weatherstripping:

99-04 C5 Hardtop Weatherstripping: