C4 Weatherstripping

100% USA-made, premium weatherstripping for a brand-new feel.

Bring your C4 Corvette back to its original glory with our high-quality weatherstripping.

Over the years, parts will need to be replaced and maintained on any classic car, and weatherstripping is no exception. It can wear down, rot, and won’t protect your Corvette from the elements. With C4 Corvettes that haven’t seen much maintenance, it may be time to replace your old weatherstripping. The weatherstripping we carry is 100% made in the USA and is designed to provide your C4 a perfect seal - keeping your windshield and windows airtight while protecting the vehicle’s interior.

Made from the highest quality materials available, it’s durable and easy to install, designed for a seamless fit in your Corvette.

We offer 84-89 and 90-96 C4 Coupe Door & Body Kits, 86-89 and 90-96 C4 Convertible Door & Body Kits, along with a C4 Hard Top Weatherstripping Kit, and an 86-96 C4 Soft Top Kit. Additionally, we have most C4 Weatherstripping parts available individually as well. Scroll down to view our most popular products, or click here to see all 37 C4 Weatherstripping products we carry.