C3 Weatherstripping

Keep Your C3 In Top Condition With Brand New, High-Quality Weatherstripping

Find The Right Fit For Your C3 Corvette

As the years pass by, classic cars like the C3 Corvettes require extra attention and care, especially with maintenance. Weatherstripping can deteriorate and wear down, even when stored correctly. The last thing any Corvette owner wants is water and moisture seeping through their doors, windows, or windshield.

We offer range of 100% Made in the USA weatherstripping designed for C3 Corvettes. Our weatherstripping is durable, easy to install, and guarantees a seamless fit. It is designed to protect your Corvette by keeping your windows, doors, and windshield sealed, ensuring that your ride is protected from any unwanted elements.

C3 Weatherstripping Kits

We offer a kits and individual parts for 68-75 C3 Convertible Tops, 68-75 C368-75 C3 Body and Door Kits, 68-82 C3 Coupe Door, Body, and T-Tops, and 68-75 Removable Hard Top Kits, and many others. View our most popular products below, or click here to see all C3 Weatherstripping products we carry.

68-75 C3 Convertible Door, Body, & Other Parts:

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