Aluminized Mufflers

Aluminized 18″ Chambered Muffler

Aluminized 18″ Chambered Muffler. Please choose your preferred inner baffle size....

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2″ 63-67 Corvette Stainless Steel Side Exhaust Kit

Stainless Steel 2″ Inner baffle Side Exhaust/Side Pipe kit We offer oversized Side Exhaust / Side Pipes (chamber tubes, brackets and tips) welded together, for high performance 1963/67 Corvette with custom headers. With this kit you supply your own header adaptor (exhaust tube between custom header and Side Exhaust /...

$550.00 – $605.00 Select options

Prowler X Pipe Chambered Muffler

Choose Highflo Performance for your Prowler! Install one of our X-Pipes muffler combos constructed just for the Prowler these systems are offered in 18” and 24” configurations from 16ga. aluminized or Stainless. Direct bolt on fit for a hassle free installation. You will immediately see how restrictive the stock Prowler...

$299.00 – $445.00 Select options

2010-2015 Camaro Chambered Catback Exhaust System

2.5" Chambered Exhaust System ...

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