Aluminized Mufflers

304 Stainless Steel 69 Style Corvette OVERSIZED Sidepipes (’68-’82)

These fit 1968 thru 1982 Big Block Corvettes. For better flow and improved performance, our oversized version has a 2.25″ inner baffle instead of the standard 2″. For the 68-69 427 we upgrade the headpipe to a full 2.5″ like the 454 version. In studying the original 1969 style sidepipes...

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11″ Chambered Muffler 2.5″ High Performance (pair)

1 pair of our 11″ aluminized chambered mufflers. These provide you with maximum performance and the deepest muscle car tone available. This is not your typical spiraled small glasspack inner baffle design that everyone carries. These are specially designed to give you that old school rumble. They are easy to...

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Corvette Side Pipe Inserts

HighFlo Performance “Side Cannon” inserts with your choice of inner baffle tubes. These large 4-inch Corvette Sidepipes have been popular for many years because of their macho looks and high performance possibilities. We’ve made our inserts with your choice of 5 different inner baffle tubes (1.75, 2”, 2.25”, 2.5”, &...

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Aluminized 24″ Chambered Muffler

Aluminized 24″ Chambered Muffler. Please choose your preferred inner baffle size....

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